Dice Friend pledge manager

Dice Friend pledge manager


Pledge manager is online! We're waiting for all your orders now.

If you'll find any difficulties while filling them, below you'll find a short video going step by step through whole process (in example - pledged was "group of Dice Friends" but our customer want one extra).


All free gifts from your pledge will be added, even if they're not in your card at checkout :)


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      Christopher Field
      Oct 4, 2019

      I can't finish the pledge manager. I get stuck at the PayPal stage. Error in Paypal [10426] Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. Additional error message : Item total is invalid.

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      uselessly web
      Jan 27, 2020

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      Christian Muhl
      Mar 8, 2020

      Seems that i've forgot to place my order via pledge manager. I've backed the dice tray via kickstarter but till now i didn't get anything. So probably it's on me. Can you check this and tell me how to proceed. Thanks a lot Christian Muhl

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